Science at the Cinema

Science Cinema is a collection of videos shared by the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science and Technical Information. In addition to videos detailing research methods or results, conference recordings, promotional materials, and interviews are also available.

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Cathy Lantz
Why are there so many Nature titles?

Nature and Nature branded titles are very important to the scientific community. The journals have high impact factors and the articles are widely read. Publishing in Nature comes with prestige and can be an important career step for a new researcher. Universities, research institutions and funding bodies highly favor prestigious publications such as Nature.

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Science Writing Bookshelf

Strong writing skills are especially important because at the heart of science communication is the exchange of ideas.  Sharing research findings with colleagues, scientists worldwide and even the public can have a big impact on your work.  Yet in a study posted on bioRXiv in 2017, articles from 122 biomedical journals published over the past 130 years indicated a steady decrease in readability[1].  If writing is so important, why are so many academics bad at it?

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Where Should I Publish?

Selecting a scientific journal to submit your article to is an important part of the publishing process.  You definitely want to communicate your findings to researchers in your area of study.  Reaching a wider audience could help you secure funding, boost your CV, and identify research partners.  There are thousands of journals published in almost every field imaginable.  New journals are launched each week.  You don’t want to risk months of delay by sending your article to a publication that is out of scope, has an overly onerous acceptance process or has a bad reputation.  At this point in your career you may be part of a research team, and the publication venue might be the decision of the principal investigator.  However, one day you will be the principal investigator and it is helpful to know all the criteria involved in selecting the right journal.

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Getting the Most out of Mendeley

Mendeley is an online citation manager and social networking site focused on the scientific community. Students and researchers use Mendeley to create bibliographies using collected references for a wide variety of source types including: articles, websites, reviews, conference talks, posters, charts, grey literature and more.

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Putting the Citizens in Citizen Science

Citizen science projects are a great way for non-scientists to learn about their environment.  Do you have a relative who thinks climate change is a hoax? It’s ok. Many of us do.  One of the best ways to change someone’s mind about a fundamental belief about the environment is to get them involved in the science

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